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How do I go about collaborating with TWEEK?2023-10-15T15:09:00+00:00

Send your request to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where to buy TWEEK?2023-10-15T15:08:46+00:00

You can buy TWEEK products online here: In addition, TWEEK is available at all major food chains and online retailers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, as well as at selected retailers in the rest of Europe & UK.

How is TWEEK lower in calories than regular candy?2023-10-15T15:08:24+00:00

While traditional candy uses sugar as a bulking agent, we use two different types of soluble fiber as the base of our candy. At the same time, we sweeten our products with erythritol and steviol glycosides, which are virtually energy-free. In addition, the amount of digestible carbohydrates in our candy is significantly less than in regular candy. This makes it possible for us to offer a candy that tastes great and is at the same time highly reduced in calories.

Most sugar-free/sugar-reduced sweets I've tried make me sick to my stomach. should I expect the same with TWEEK's candy?2023-10-15T15:08:04+00:00

It is very common for the stomach to be upset by sugar-free/reduced sugar sweets as they often contain sugar alcohols with low tolerance levels for the stomach and intestines. Erythritol found in TWEEK's products belongs to the category of sugar alcohols, but is one of the sugar alcohols with the highest tolerance levels. Furthermore, we have such small amounts of erythritol in our candy that it is not considered to have a laxative effect. Our candy has a high fiber content which can stimulate sensitive stomachs. Everyone is different, so try what works best for you.

Do you have any vegan products in your range?2023-10-15T15:07:48+00:00

From the start, we have aimed to offer vegan options in our range and now have two different vegan bags - Vegan Vibe and Very Vegan.

I am a diabetic. Are TWEEK Sweets okay for me to eat?2023-10-15T15:07:25+00:00

As our candy is made without a lot of sugar, you will only find a maximum of 5g of sugars/100g in our range. These sugars are naturally occurring in the fiber mix and in the lactose-free milk powder we use. However, tolerance and blood sugar effects differ from one individual to another. We therefore cannot recommend that our candy is suitable for all diabetics and we advise everyone to consult their doctor if they have any questions.

What makes TWEEK's products unique?2023-10-15T15:07:14+00:00

We've made a new type of candy where we've eliminated sugar (which is the main ingredient in regular candy).

and replaced with ingredients that we consider to be healthier. The absence of sugar results in a lower energy content for the products in our range. We have also eliminated artificial flavors and colors and replaced them with natural flavors and coloring plant extracts. Instead of soy lecithin, we use sunflower lecithin. Our self-produced chocolate is made from real cocoa butter and real vanilla and we exclude palm oil from our range.

Due to the high fiber content of our products, most people find that they are satisfied.

with a smaller amount than if you were to eat regular sweets. The absence of sugar also means that people are not triggered to consume large quantities. With our products, we want to encourage a slightly different consumption behavior - in other words, more focus on quality, less focus on quantity.


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