It all started in a small kitchen.

It all started in a small kitchen in central Stockholm. The brand's founder, Åsa Rosén, has always had a penchant for goodies in all their forms. A few years ago, when a hectic lifestyle contributed to a state of exhaustion, a long period of sick leave and slow recovery followed. Åsa started experimenting with her diet to find ways to get back to a balanced life and explored what for her were new raw materials, foods and crops that in different ways showed properties that are good for the body. This was the start of a whole new interest.


Dishes, pastries, bars - many exciting innovations took shape in the small kitchen in Stockholm. Over time, the product labs moved more and more towards sweets and the goal soon became clear. What if you could create a type of candy without adding sugar - but still taste as good as traditional candy. A candy with natural healthy flavors, based on raw materials with interesting properties.

To modify, fine-tune and improve.

Our name comes from the English word "tweak" which means to modify, refine and improve. We have "tweaked" traditional candy and made a product that is better for our health. When we talk about a life with TWEEK, we don't talk about it in a prescriptive way, we want to inspire. Our mission is to inspire, educate and create awareness about what we consume. TWEEK Sweets is a new type of candy and we advocate balance in all areas of life. Being able to satisfy both body and mind in the same bite has been the goal from the start. And this is just the beginning.




Today, we humans face a number of challenges and threats to our health. Our mission at TWEEK is to do our utmost to meet these challenges with new products and thereby be part of a larger mission - to provide new, more beneficial options for our fellow humans to choose from. We are proud to offer a new type of candy with fewer calories than traditional candy, no added sugar, dietary fiber, and flavors and colors from nature. Our contribution is to encourage us all to make new, smarter choices in our daily lives.


The demand for natural ingredients in the foods we eat and drink is steadily increasing. We like this trend and our candy is rich in fiber and you will find only natural colors and aromas in our range.

We use natural colors and aromas in all our products. The natural colors come from a variety of vegetables, fruits and plants with coloring properties. For example, did you know that the red color in our wonderful jelly candy comes from sweet potatoes? And that our purple color is extracted from purple carrots?

Although we've eliminated regular sugar and our tasty candy has up to 50% fewer calories than regular candy, we haven't compromised on taste, appearance or texture. We also stay away from preservatives, soy lecithin and palm oil.



TWEEK is founded by Åsa Rosén, the original Sweet Pilot, in Stockholm.


TWEEK Pick 'n mix bulk range launched and listed at Coop, Sweden's second largest retailer


TWEEK listed at Ica, Sweden's largest retailer
TWEEK pre-packed bags of Fruity Fresh, Sour Supreme and Licorice Love
Exclusive product for Weight Watchers Europe launched


Extended listing of TWEEK at retailers in Sweden

  • Launch of TWEEK Toffee Caramel and TWEEK Toffee Licorice pre-packed bags
  • New products added to TWEEK Pick 'n mix bulk range


Expanded listing of TWEEK at retailers in Sweden
Launch of pre-packaged bags of Vegan Vibe, Corn Crunchers, Smoothie Chews and seasonal favorite Super Santas.
Listings at retailers in Finland, Norway, Denmark, UK & Germany
Launch of TWEEK Community with Sweet Pilots & TWEEK Ambassadors
Update of site with expanded webshop


Listings in China
Launch with Amazon Europe
Expanded listing of TWEEK in the UK
Launch of pre-packed bags of Salty Salute, Fizzy Fusion and seasonal favorite Easter Eggs


Listings with retailers in Iceland, Holland and others.
Expanded listings of TWEEK at several major retailers in Sweden.
Launch of the seasonal bag Trick or TWEEK and the future Christmas favorite Choco Christmas.


Launch of the new vegan bag Very Vegan and the favorite from our pick n' mix range in its own bag, Amazing Arrack!
Launch of the new seasonal bag Big Bunnies
Update of TWEEK's design and visual identity